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Using Replays to Train Your Sales Team

I spent a couple of years in sales enablement. It’s a really fun role. You’re on the lookout for weaknesses and areas to drive better performance. You’re on the front lines of recommending solutions and programs to make the company better through better sales execution. 

It’s actually a blast.

But training reps is a challenge. They’re headstrong and independent.

And now they’re remote – it’s like watching your kids sit through Zoom classes. How can you expect them to be present?

So we invest in asynchronous assets – video training, or self-guided quizzes, or something a little more innovative.

My favorite is Guru. I love it because:

  • the knowledge base is constantly available through a Chrome extension
  • you can “call on it” in Slack
  • it automatically forces adoption from your sales team
  • it cuts down on reps lazily asking “@channel where’s the latest NDA?” and distracting the entire sales team

Here’s an example of how we combine the clickable experiences Reprise creates with a knowledge base like Guru.

We recently changed our opportunity creation process in Salesforce, so we wanted to educate our reps on the change and also put it into the onboarding program for all future reps.

It’s linked below – you can actually see the Guru card we use to train our reps.

How are you onboarding your people?

Photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Unsplash