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3 Ways Interactive Demos Help Your Enterprise Sales Team Close More Deals

B2B buyers today are getting increasingly comfortable directing much (or most) of their buying journey themselves. And that includes making the final purchase decision on their own—and yep, even for enterprise software purchases.

McKinsey research found that 70% of B2B decision makers say they are open to making new, fully self-serve or remote purchases in excess of $50,000. And 27% would spend more than $500,000—we’re clearly entering an entirely new era of software purchasing.

So how can your enterprise sales org enable those highly independent buyers? Holding them to the old sales methods where you’re the one granting access to information just isn’t going to work with the way SaaS buyers want to buy now. You need to offer them what they want to see and experience upfront, without requiring that they interact with a sales rep first.

Fortunately, there’s a solution to closing more deals with these B2B buyers today—adding interactive demos to your enterprise sales motion. Here are three ways they can help your sales team sell more (and more effectively).

  1. Deliver PQLs to Your Sales Reps PQLs, or product-qualified leads, are leads who have already experienced your product for themselves. Perhaps they’ve signed up for a free trial, or used your freemium option—or viewed an interactive demo on your website.

    Either way, they’ve already interacted with your product (not just your marketing materials) and have felt the value your product provides, so they’re higher-intent leads.

    Interactive demos give you more PQLs in two ways. First, the demo itself offers buyers a way to interact with your product and see value early in the buying journey, which helps prospects qualify themselves. Perhaps some of them will raise their hands for a sales call or to get a more in-depth demo with your presales and sales team.

    But interactive demos also give you a wealth of product data you can use to identify PQLs as well. If you use a demo creation platform like Reprise to build your demos, you can gather both high-level analytics and single-session ones, meaning you can see how prospects interacted with your website or emailed demos and determine which ones are now PQLs.

    Plus, using PQLs doesn’t mean you need to go fully product-led. They’re simply a way to use the product data you have to better qualify your leads (and maybe dip a toe into the PLG world too).

  2. Create More Consistency With Reusable DemosWhat if you could make all of your junior sales reps as effective as your top AE? Well, you can’t clone them—but you can clone the perfect intro demo and enable all of your AEs to deliver it to early-stage prospects.

    Build an interactive demo of your product’s top benefits and features that every AE can deliver on their own. The demo can then be reusable, so scarce SE resources can be reserved for further down the sales funnel.

    These reusable demos enable your sales team to sell more efficiently, which is a must in today’s tech macro environment where we’re all expected to do more with less. And since they’re standardized, you know every rep delivers the best demo for this stage in the sales cycle every time.

  3. Enable Your Champions to Close the DealClosing deals today isn’t about just convincing the first user of your product that they should buy it—they also have to convince all the decision-makers in their organization that your software is a value-add. 63% of B2B buying committees today have more than four people involved, up from just 47% in 2017, and you need to win them all over to close the deal.

    But by enabling your champion—that end user who really wants to add your product to their organization’s tech stack—you can help them to help you sell.

    Provide your champion with a customized interactive demo tailored to their company’s use case they can deliver to their buying committee, and you’re putting your product’s story and experience directly in their hands so they can truly feel the ROI it will deliver for them.

    You’re giving your champion the tools to deliver the perfect sales pitch to the people who need to see it, which means less pressure to perform for them and a higher-quality experience assured for your sales efforts.

    Sounds a lot more promising than trying to get the whole buying committee on a sales call, right? It transforms your existing sales process into the buyer-led motion that today’s prospects are demanding.

How to Create the Best Interactive Demos

There are a variety of demo creation software platforms on the market today, but only one that allows your sales team to create both guided interactive demos and live sales demos: Reprise. Learn about how we can help sales teams like yours get more qualified prospects and revenue with more engaging demos.