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8 PLG Ways to Showcase Reprise Interactive Demos Across Your Website

Your product will always be your best selling asset. Knowing that, wouldn’t you want to showcase it everywhere to enable buyers to see and experience its value?

At Reprise, we enable companies to put their product at their buyer’s fingertips at all parts of the sales process. And in a growing product-led world, this is no longer “a nice to have”; it’s “a must-have.”

But these product-led motions aren’t just simple screenshots or passive demo videos—they are interactive demo experiences where buyers can get an authentic feel for your product’s power and interactivity.

What are some ways your company is enabling buyers to self-serve and self-educate?

Need some inspiration from how our customers are doing it?

You got it!

Let’s look at 8 product-led ways Reprise customers use interactive demos across their website to meet today’s buyers where they are.

1. Homepage’s hero section

Conquer gets straight to the PLG point—the hero section on their homepage (also known as the first section) has a CTA inviting visitors to take a product tour. 

They know that today’s buyers are typically eager to get right into the product. Conquer’s hero section reflects how buyers prefer to begin the research phase: 60% of buyers want to connect with sales during the consideration stage after they’ve researched the options and come up with a shortlist.

Of course, there’s also an immediate option to talk to a salesperson if the buyer is in the other 40%, or if they’re revisiting the site after doing their initial research. 

Product-led growth doesn’t mean using only self-guided tours—live sales demos are essential in closing the deal. However, an interactive guided product tour on your website gets prospects in the door and self-qualified without wasting time on unqualified demos.

Highspot’s website is another excellent example of a guided product tour used in the hero image section.  

2. Product demo library 

EvaluAgent uses Reprise to create a whole library of interactive product walkthroughs that live on their website.

Visitors can check out an array of self-guided demos that show them how the product works for different needs, what the reporting and analytics capabilities are, and even what their eLearning platform for reps looks like. 

These demos let EvaluAgent’s prospects self-serve the features they’re interested in without ever talking to a rep. They can self-qualify and self-educate, which is something today’s B2B buyers love. In fact, 65% prefer a self-service channel during the research phase, and 61% prefer it in the evaluation phase. 

Check out the full EvaluAgent demo library for more inspiration. 

3. Product tour with chapters

Centercode, on the other hand, organizes all of its most important features into chapters in one single demo experience. 

Highspot provides another great example of utilizing chapters in its interactive product tour.

Prospects can check out the most essential product features in one place, offering a brief overview of their complete solution. 

These kinds of self-guided demos are great if your company wants to showcase how your product is a comprehensive solution to a prospect’s problem, or if you have a limited set of use cases. It’s clear, elegant, and keeps the prospect focused on the total value the product offers. 

4. A welcome banner

Bonusly welcomes its website visitors with a banner inviting them to take a product tour right away. 

They promise that their recognition and rewards platform is fun and easy to use—and immediately offer to prove it without any gatekeeping or human interaction. When you click that link, you head directly into their guided tour to get a comprehensive and interactive overview of the platform. 

Fun fact: By implementing website product tours that converted more prospects, Bonously completed over 1,500 sales demos in their first six months as a Reprise customer.  

5. Chatbot

Bloomreach offers their product tour in a pretty innovative way: their chatbot actually offers it to website visitors! This is another great option for prospects who want to learn more about the product and get a feel for how it works, but who aren’t ready to talk to a rep yet. They can dive in on their own time and self-qualify.  

After the prospect clicks ‘explore our clickable demo’ it leads them to this self-guided demo

After you take the Bloomreach tour, their chatbot provides even more education with an ROI calculator. This could finally be enough information for the prospect to request a live sales demo to dig even deeper.

“Now that you’ve finished the tour, let’s calculate what your ROI could be.”

It’s a great example of how to let users self-educate and provide them with all the resources to do so. This is the way buyers want to buy now—how are you helping them do it their way?

6. Platform Dropdown

Workato’s elegant, clean site makes it easy to explore everything about their workflow automation platform. In fact, when you head to their Platform dropdown section, you’re offered the option to take an interactive tour of the product itself—enticing wording!  

7. Website Footer

Workato wants to make sure you don’t miss their interactive demo, so they also added it to the footer of their website. It ensures prospects don’t miss out on the chance to get into the product and even interact with it while they’re considering a purchase. 

8. Image CTA

You don’t need to stick to just links to direct users to your product tour—you can make an entire image on your homepage a clickable path into the tour too. Marketing Evolution does exactly this with its interactive product tour. 

Clicking anywhere on this beautiful image starts the product tour, not just the CTA button. They make it so easy to explore their product for every prospect, and that’s what product-led growth is really about. 

Their guided tour doesn’t just walk through the features either—it gives the user an engaging narrative (including statistics) to do some active selling along with educating prospects. 

Their product tour shows you don’t need to stick to simply pointing out features in a self-guided demo. You can tell a great story along the way too. 

Why you need Reprise interactive demos on your website

Ease of access to information and education is vital to today’s buyers, even though most companies aren’t delivering. In a survey of more than 250 B2B customers, Gartner found that 77% of them rated their purchase experience as extremely complex or difficult. 

Forcing prospects who just want to see what you offer to jump through hoops for access might have worked in the past, but it’s not how buyers today want expect to buy. 

Using Reprise to build interactive demos for your website enables buyers to do research and get the full product experience on their own time. 

Once they’re qualified, then it’s time for the sales and presales teams to jump in and do what they do best—and they’ll have a head start with all of these product-qualified leads

Buyers are happier, sales have better leads, and presales are doing fewer unqualified demos—everybody wins with interactive demos built with Reprise.