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Reprise Named a G2 Leader in the Demo Automation Category

We’re thrilled to announce Reprise was named a Leader by G2 in the Demo Automation category for Summer 2023. We couldn’t have done it without the reviews and high praise from our customers. They are the center of everything we do and we pride ourselves on taking direct feedback from customers and incorporating it into future product features.

With that, let’s dive into what it means to receive our G2 Leader badge in the Demo Automation category, and what real reviewers have to say about using Reprise across the entire lifecycle of their demo creation needs.

Enterprise sales demos made simple

Reprise is the only fully integrated demo creation platform for presales, sales and marketing teams. We’re helping demo builders create interactive product tours, live demos, demo libraries, interactive sales leave-behinds — if it involves a demo, you can build it quickly, easily, reliably, and securely in Reprise.

We love empowering demo creators to build stable, reliable, infinitely customizable demos that showcase product value through the enterprise sales cycle. Our users are pushing the limits of what’s possible with demos and believe in showcasing product value at every turn. They’re harnessing the data from each of these experiences and applying it to sales demos further down the funnel.

The way buyers evaluate software has changed. With Reprise, go-to-market teams can move faster to prove how their products meet the specific needs of their prospects.

The Reprise G2 Leader badge and real user reviews

As a reflection of the tremendous feedback from our users, Reprise has been named a Leader in the Demo Automation category for mid-market. Let’s look at what some of our real users had to say about their experience with Reprise.

As one enterprise sales leader pointed out, Reprise helped them simplify their demos and reduce risk: “It helps simplify and clean up the demo experience that our team provides. We previously had to demo in a live environment and that added some inherent risk to each demo meeting.”

Another user calls Reprise, “An absolute must-have tool in the kit for modern SaaS platforms,” pointing out how the solution helps presales create “lots of assets to support them in delivering the full value delivered by [our] SaaS solution.”

And finally, a sales professional points out, “Reprise is a fantastic tool. I like using the solution to expand the scope of sales opportunities by educating other lines of business on my company’s solution areas. Reprise helps avoid situations where I need to use technical resources’ valuable time on live product demonstrations. Reprise is also valuable to give prospective customers a look and feel of our UI prior to a demonstration. This can lead to more productive and interactive live product showcases.”

Want to learn more about how Reprise customers showcase product value?

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