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Highlights from the First Reprise Customer Advisory Board (CAB)

In April, we hosted our inaugural Reprise Customer Advisory Board (CAB), and we’re still buzzing from all of the possibilities and creative ideas shared by our enterprise customers. Our customers are true partners to us and we’ve always valued incorporating direct feedback from these passionate users into our products.  We decided to formalize this partnership with our first CAB, and learn from top go-to-market leaders’ demo experiences in the wild. We unveiled our new, fully integrated demo creation platform to this group and were thrilled to learn that our vision is hitting the mark!

Pushing the boundaries of enterprise demo creation

Modern enterprise buyers act a lot differently than they did five or ten years ago. According to Gartner, B2B buyers only spend 17% of their total purchase journey with sales reps. Most prospects want the opportunity to see products for themselves before engaging with a salesperson. For most buyers, product demos are the top resource they use during the evaluation process.

Our trusted CAB members deeply understand the opportunity for demos throughout the buying lifecycle. They’re smart, savvy enterprise sales and go-to-market leaders pushing the limits of what’s possible with demos and believe in showcasing product value at every turn. They’re harnessing the data from each of these experiences and applying it to sales demos further down the funnel. Above all else, they understand the unique opportunity in this economy to move beyond traditional PLG strategies to clearly show product value, and pair it with relationship-based enterprise sales.

Across industries, the common thread was that demos are critical to accelerating enterprise sales – whether it’s from a product tour, a variety of live demos, personalized sales leave-behinds, or a fully cloned sandbox. Simply put, Reprise CAB members have all the tools to easily create and share demos across their team. If anything, the key takeaway was that shareable, customizable, de-risked, and repeatable demos are the ticket to increased team efficiency and more closed deals.

Validating our vision for an integrated demo creation platform

Conducting our first CAB in tandem with the launch of our fully integrated demo creation platform was extremely validating. Universally, our CAB members expressed the belief that demo creation should be easy, repeatable, shareable, customizable, and secure.

Instead of reinventing the wheel, using Reprise, a single demo can be infinitely customized and shared for internal and external use. Shared demo libraries reduce the demo building burden on sales and demo engineering teams, and even provide training opportunities for sales enablement.  Reprise Reveal™, our new overlay-based live demo product, was well received, empowering sales and presales teams to easily build and customize live demos on top of live apps or existing demo environments, with no code required.

Of course, we’ll be bringing feedback from this session and future sessions into our product roadmap, and working to collectively achieve our customers’ goals. They believe in the power of enterprise demos to deliver powerful product experiences that boost pipeline and close deals — which gives us all the more motivation and fuel to help them achieve their ambitious goals!

We want your feedback

Are you an enterprise customer interested in participating in future CAB quarterly meetings? Please reach out to us to learn more and request an invitation to participate.