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Is Reprise the Best Demo Creation Platform for Me?

demo creation platform

The right demo creation platform can help enterprise SaaS teams accelerate sales cycles and increase their presales team’s capacity to support more deals. Many of these platforms are designed to help you create custom interactive or live demos that look, feel and behave just like your own software solution. Some can serve the needs of multiple types of demo creators — ranging from product marketing managers (PMMs), to sales account executives (AEs) to presales solution engineers (SEs). Others serve much narrower use cases with limited functionality. 

Navigating the buying decision for a demo creation platform can be tough. That’s why we’ve put together some questions to help you decide which functionality is most important, and whether Reprise is the best demo creation platform for you. Read them all, or skip ahead to the questions that resonate most.

Who is using demos on your go-to-market team?
Is demo security and stability a concern?
Is ease of use important?
Are demo analytics important to you?
Do you need a demo creation platform that’s extensible and customizable?
Is ROI a concern? 
What about value over time? 

Who is using demos on your go-to-market team?

Demos can be used throughout the enterprise sales cycle, by a wide variety of demo creators. For example, is your product marketing team using interactive demos to their best advantage? When embedded on your website or used at the top of the funnel, interactive demos or product tours can make it easier for buyers to self-evaluate. This makes prospects more qualified for the sales team. Buyers come to the first call with a better understanding of the product, accelerating the sales cycle.

Even still, many presales teams struggle with the sheer volume of live demo requests, developing custom demos from scratch for every meeting. An effective demo creation platform can take that burden off of the presales team. SEs can create demo libraries and templates for sales team members to customize with easy-to-use, no-code tools.

Toward the end of the sales cycle, AEs can also use interactive demos to empower champions during the committee decision-making process. For decision-makers unable to attend the live demo, an interactive demo can showcase the best features and value the product can bring to their team.

If you need a demo creation platform that solves all of these use cases, Reprise is your best bet. The fully integrated Reprise platform is the first of its kind to serve demo creators throughout the GTM lifecycle. From interactive product tours to live demos that clone an application’s full functionality down to the code level, we’ve got you covered.

Is demo security and stability a concern?

Most demo creation platforms are fully hosted in the cloud, making it easy for SEs, AEs, and PMMs to create and access their demos anywhere, at any time.

But cloud-based platforms can create cybersecurity risks:

  • 95% of organizations are moderately to extremely concerned about cloud security*
  • 43% say that public cloud risks are somewhat to significantly higher than on-premises.

*Cybersecurity Insiders 2023 Cloud Security Report

Despite the cybersecurity concerns that cloud-based platforms can bring, Reprise was built with enterprise security standards at the heart of its platform.

Reprise’s Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type 2 Certification verifies that we have the highest level of security and compliance available in an enterprise-class platform, making us one of the safest demo creation platforms on the market. In addition, Reprise offers role-based access control (RBAC) features that help administrators maintain control over who accesses specific demos or categories of demos. Plus data privacy and anonymization tools help keep your customers’ personally identifiable information (PII) and other sensitive data safe.

When it comes to stability, Reprise can also meet sky-high enterprise requirements. Instead of demonstrating from your live application, think about using a demo creation tool to replicate your entire application in a different environment. This approach ensures that production activities, such as introducing a new feature or dealing with unexpected cloud infrastructure problems, won’t affect your live demo.

Most importantly, using a demo creation platform adds consistency to your demonstrations. You can use a single clone of your application as a versatile demo template, which can be tailored and modified for different audiences, industries, or potential clients.


AnchorDoes demo experience matter?

Demo creation platforms are relatively new, so qualifying a solution by time-to-market requires a little nuance. A good approach is to ask potential demo platform providers, “How long have you been in business, and how have you applied the knowledge you’ve gained since launch?”

Do they have a good answer? Reprise does.

Reprise was the first demo creation platform on the market. Over time, we’ve learned from studying millions of customer demos and incorporating customer feedback. In other words, we know demos better than anyone, and are proactively addressing the needs of enterprise tech buyers. Our team understands that the future of sales and presales collaboration rests on demo automation.

Would you feel more confident working with an experienced provider that continually optimizes its platform based on customer feedback? Then Reprise is the best demo creation platform for your go-to-market team.

In 2023, Reprise launched the first fully integrated, interactive demo creation platform built to deliver the ultimate demo experience for enterprise presales, sales, marketing, and customer success teams. The platform includes a suite of products with overlay, screen capture, and application cloning capabilities — all delivered via an extensible architecture to meet your demo creation process needs across the entire buyer journey.

Is ease of use important?

Speaking of listening to customers, we’ve designed Reprise to be the most robust, flexible platform without sacrificing usability. That means SEs can save hours building powerful, custom demos. For further customization, we’ve introduced Reprise Reveal, for AEs who need to further customize live demos without SE involvement. For many teams, that’s a smart strategy, since 38% of SEs spend more than 5 hours per week preparing demos — where their time could be more efficiently spent closing technical prospects.

Plus, having an easy-to-use interactive demo platform can accelerate your sales cycle. With Reprise, teams can create a demo library with templated, golden demos. This strategy can empower your sales team to custom-tailor your organization’s best demos to their prospect’s requirements.

AnchorAre demo analytics important to you?

You might not be considering this today, but demo analytics can help:

  • Improve your demos by focusing them on what your buyers care about. SEs can use analytics from interactive product tours to build a custom demo targeted toward what they care about, reducing discovery time.
  • Gain feedback to improve your sales motion. Figure out what parts of your product are most attractive, and use that data to inform your GTM strategy
  • Enable your team to know when to follow up with a prospect, based on visitor data.

Reprise built powerful analytics into our demo creation platform and made them accessible via an easy-to-read dashboard. Our customers have a birds-eye view of prospecting behavior and can look at the total number of views per demo and how much time their prospective customer spent with it.

They can also zoom into demo sessions, viewing individual user engagement and activity like: which screens they viewed, how long they spent on each screen, and where they dropped off the demo. And when our customers share a custom link, they can receive a notification once their prospect opens it.

Would seeing in-depth demo usage analytics help you make better demos and close more deals as a result? If the answer is yes, then Reprise is your best choice.

AnchorDo you need a demo creation platform that’s extensible and customizable?

Different users on the team have different requirements. While an AE may need a demo platform to be simple, an SE might have advanced customization needs. Many SEs want to add features to their demos to wow their prospects.

With the Reprise plugin library, teams can easily add advanced features to their demo platform. The platform provides infinite extensibility — teams can choose the plugins that will enhance their demo creation experience, without adding complexity they don’t need. Examples of plugins include an AI chatbot, automatic translation, drag and drop, typewriter effects, hotspot linking, video companions, sound effects, and more.

Another important question is, how extensible do you need your demo creation platform to be? Demo platforms like Reprise capture robust analytics and user data, so integrations with your existing marketing and sales tech stack can present a big competitive advantage.


Here are a few examples of how synching your demo creation platform to your existing tech stack can benefit you: 

  • Salesforce Sales Insights – Integrate analytics data with Salesforce to give your reps visibility into how prospects view and share guided demo leave-behinds. Discover buying committee members as your guided demos get shared, and the data gets pushed to Salesforce.
  • Marketing Workflows – Trigger workflows and nurture how prospects view your interactive demos by pushing Reprise data into HubSpot or Marketo. Easily add forms to your demos to turn them into an effective lead gen tool.
  • Website Analytics – See Reprise data alongside your Google Analytics (GA) data with the GA integration. Determine which guided demos drive desired website behavior and optimize accordingly.

Would it make your life easier to work with a demo platform built to sync with your existing tech stack? With our extensible platform, an API integration or plugin can be created for nearly any application or use case.

AnchorIs ROI a concern?

Reprise is proven to have a positive impact on business outcomes by improving conversions throughout the sales funnel, increasing sales efficiency, and decreasing cloud hosting costs. Reprise’s full-funnel approach to demo creation positively impacts efficiency and conversions at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Using conservative estimates, Forrester calculates a 323% return on investment with Reprise.

Enterprises can experience proven ROI in the following areas:

  • Lead generation and pipeline conversion: 60% uplift in average website interactions converted to leads and 50% increase in average conversion from lead to pipeline
  • Increased sales capacity and win rates: 20% decrease in unqualified demo requests, 10x increase in SE capacity, and 4% increase in win rate
  • Accelerated sales cycles: 50% decrease in average sales cycle, and 75% decrease in cost of acquisition
  • Decreased seller ramp time: 1 week decrease in sales onboarding time
  • Demoing at scale. 400% more demos delivered without additional SE resources, and 75% lower total acquisition cost due to fewer demo environments running.

Do you want to pay for the features and seats that you’ll actually use? Then Reprise is the best choice for you.

AnchorWhat about value over time?

When evaluating the cost of your demo creation platform, you also need to consider the total value it brings your organization. Below are three questions to help you decide which demo platform would bring you the most value over time.

  1. Will a demo creation platform without security assurance cost more in the long run? Reprise is one of the only demo platforms that mitigate cybersecurity risk by being SOC 2 Type 2 compliant.
  2. Will there be additional costs down the line because I went with a platform that can only make one kind of demo? You have full-funnel access under one provider with Reprise. This means you can make both live sales demos and self-guided demos.
  3. How valuable are demo usage analytics to my sales and marketing teams? Understanding where a prospect is in their purchasing path is just one way to deliver more qualified leads to sales that convert faster.

Do you want a demo creation platform that reduces cybersecurity cost risk and brings revenue value over time? If so, Reprise is the best choice for you.

AnchorThe Enterprise Demo Creation Difference

The demo creation platform you choose should align with your needs as an enterprise. It should make your job easier, showcase product value, bring long-term value, and reduce security risks.

Working with the best demo creation platform can help you do all that and more. Reprise has been the demo platform of choice for customers like Hireology, Cloudera, and Relode, and it can be for you, too.


  • Is SOC 2 Type 2 certified.
  • Integrates with your existing tech stack.
  • Can be used to create live sales demos and guided demos throughout the enterprise sales cycle.
  • Is able to do full-application capture, screen-by-screen capture and demo overlay.
  • Provides demo usage analytics.
  • Is infinitely customizable, with a wide range of features available via a plugin library.

If you want more information on demo creation offerings, we’ve pulled together this guide of the best demo creation software for 2024, featuring Reprise and others. For a quick comparison on how Reprise stacks up, check out the chart below.

Want to learn more? Get a demo of Reprise!