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Reprise Takes Home Two Fall 2023 G2 Leader Badges in Demo Automation

Have you heard the good news? Reprise was once again named a Leader by G2 in the Demo Automation software category for Fall 2023. This time we took home two Leader badges, one in the overall mid-market grid report, and one regional mid-market Americas badge for demo automation. We couldn’t be prouder of this recognition from our customers — the ones who use our demo creation platform day in and day out to bolster their go-to-market strategies and empower their sales process.

Let’s explore what it means to receive these G2 Leader badges in the Demo Automation category, and what real reviewers have to say about using Reprise for every enterprise demo need.

Demos for every go-to-market need

From marketers, to presales, to sales professionals, the entire go-to-market team can accelerate sales and help prospects self-serve with automated demos with the Reprise platform. We make it simple for anyone to create, edit, and customize winning demos — increasing sales efficiency and win rates. Best of all, teams can rest assured that their demos are stable and reliable every time, steering clear of common demo failures once and for all.

Across the entire enterprise sales cycle, interactive product demos play a major role in helping prospects visualize product value. The first product tour sets the stage, while live demos and interactive demo leave-behinds help sales teams articulate value from first meeting to close. For the Reprise team, it’s all about empowering every demo creator to tell effective stories that accelerate sales cycles and close deals.

Real user reviews make Reprise a G2 Leader

Of course, we wouldn’t have secured our two new Leader badges without reviews from real users. Let’s check out what our customers have to say about automated demos and the Reprise platform.

One user is leveraging Reprise for self-service buyers, saying, “Reprise has been great for us enabling the creation of both self-paced software demos for prospects as well as self-paced software training. It is ideal for the [type] of prospect that sales struggle the most to engage with. The self-researchers who do not like to be pushed or prefer to experience the tools themselves and take their own conclusions.”

Another user points out, “We’ve used Reprise on our main site and seen our site engagement scores and times increase significantly. Our trial signups and trial engagements are far more quality than before – having a clickable demo lets people kick the tires and not waste our sales team’s time. We can see that the Reprise demos are being shared via “dark sales” to others beyond the prospects we engage with … Lastly, when doing demos, our demo quality is far higher as we know exactly what we’re clicking on and what will happen. No outages, [no] spinning wheels of death, no embarrassing bugs, etc. This allows us to keep tightly on script and demo very specific use cases. This saves us considerable time preparing for calls, and we can have various people available to do the demo.”

And finally, here’s what this enterprise customer liked about Reprise’s ease-of-use: “Just how easy it was to capture screens in our product and port them into Reprise. Additionally, once in Reprise, all the tools are incredibly easy to pick up, and the support + resources they provide help pick up the slack for anything more difficult. I’m far from technical but found using Reprise a breeze.”

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