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Outreach leverages Reprise Replays in several facets of their sales and marketing funnel, including on their website and on live sales calls with prospects. This demo, which showcases their Success Plans tool, helps prospects understand and visualize the true potential of Outreach's product without needing to speak to a sales rep.

This demo is not available for smaller screens. For best results, please view this demo on a larger screen.

About the Company


Outreach is the first and only Sales Execution Platform, and is the only provider to bring sales enablement, conversation intelligence, and revenue intelligence into one platform.

Employees: 1,000+

How they’re using Reprise:

  • Outreach uses Reprise both on their website and on live sales demos, delivering value to their prospects at every step of the buying process.

Highlighted Outcomes:

  • Created the “Golden Demo,” which allows their sales team to deliver the full value of Outreach in as little as 15 minutes
  • Easier qualification of prospects, leading to a tighter sales process

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