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Relode Accelerates Sales Cycle by Delivering Quick Time to Value for Prospects

Customer Story

Relode Accelerates Sales Cycle by Delivering Quick Time to Value for Prospects

Relode needed a way to empower their sales team to have better conversations with their prospects. By using Reprise to facilitate live sales demos and generate interactive leave-behinds for champions, they were able to accelerate their sales process by 50%.

Use Cases
500-1000 employees
Computer Software



improvement in sales velocity

Shortened time to value for prospects

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“What Reprise really helps us to convey is how easy it is to integrate [with Unbabel]. Everyone talks about ‘seamless integration’ … but when we’re showing the customer how seamless it really is, it makes all the difference.”

Henrique DutraSenior Product Marketing Manager, Unbabel

Unbabel’s language operations platform, which blends advanced artificial intelligence with human editors for efficient, high-quality translations that get smarter over time, provides tremendous value to support teams that rely on quick and easy translation to meet the needs of their global customers. And because it integrates easily with any platform from Salesforce to Zendesk and more, customers like Microsoft, Virgin Pulse, eBay, FedEx, and Shopify can confidently arm their support teams with a tool that helps them seamlessly service their multilingual customer bases.


Here’s the story of their Reprise journey:

The Challenge
  • Unbabel sells software that requires a nuanced, interconnected product experience in order to extract its full potential.
  • It was hard to show value to prospects without letting them test-drive the product.
  • Onboarding and training new agents was time-consuming and disjointed.
The Solution
  • With Reprise, Unbabel created a library of specialized, in-depth product walkthroughs that guide prospects along a journey through Unbabel’s full platform and all of its interconnectivity.
  • These tours allowed prospects to physically experience the technology and feel the value firsthand in a matter of minutes.
  • Unbabel was able to use the tours as guided walkthroughs to assist with onboarding and training new agents, dramatically cutting down the time to do so.
  • Today, Unbabel primarily leverages Reprise to demo their product live on sales calls. The team then uses the feedback from sales reps, engineers, and prospects to improve the sales cycle, messaging, and occasionally even the product’s own integrations.
The Results
  • On one particular campaign to introduce their Salesforce integration, their product tours generated:
    • 512 sessions
    • 323 unique sessions
    • 17.5 avg interactions per session
  • Overall, their tours have seen:
    • 4915 sessions
    • 2471 unique sessions
    • 21 avg interactions per sessio

Understanding data like average interactions and screens viewed per session help Unbabel to track a prospect’s level of engagement with their product tours and attract higher-quality website leads.

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