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Show, Don’t Tell: How Powerful Product Experiences Tell Your Story (So You Don’t Have To)

July 10, 2024
Speaking Session
July 10, 2024
12:00 pm ET
About the Event
In this session, we'll discuss how demos can become a superpower for your product storytelling. Join Damon Hall, Manager of CRO and Analytics at Crowdstrike, Sarah Idriss, VP of Product at Reprise, and Courtney Pallotta, CMO at Reprise, as they explore how companies are using interactive product demos to tell compelling product stories that convert the most qualified leads. We will also share ideas for creating personalized and engaging demos that can be used far and wide and explore how to use demo analytics to understand user behavior and optimize product experiences for maximum impact.
Featured Presenters

Courtney Pallotta

Chief Marketing Officer

Sarah Idriss

VP of Product at Reprise

Damon Hall

Manager of CRO and Analytics at Crowdstrike

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